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Aug 30, 2020

Jason and Anna recap their experience and thoughts on Virtual Toughest. 

Other topics covered include races that are happening (like Savage and CTG), changing 2021 refund policies, mental health, and more.


Aug 24, 2020

Jason and Anna ran the 12 hour virtual Toughest Mudder. The live stream audio listens in on Jason while he's completing his pit "obstacles". 

Anna posted her pit "obstacles" to the OCR Talk Instagram so be sure to follow @ocr_talk.

The live stream kicked off at 7:20 PM Central time....

Jul 6, 2020

Jason and Anna talk about nothing in particular while Jason test out a new broadcasting platform along with plenty of hiccups, then Jason test streaming from his phone outside and gets caught in a rain storm!

See all the live action in the youtube video:

Jun 18, 2020

OCR Talks first ever interview, Jason talks to Nick Ryker about joining the Spartan Pro Team right as the pandemic started. 

Watch the video on our Youtube page.

May 12, 2020

Jason and Anna talk all things virtual race in an attempt keep the goal setting and training going till things get back to normal.