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Mar 29, 2020

Members of The OCR Report Team have a chat about random OCR topics while keeping themselves away from each other. 

While long random chats like this may not be for everyone, if you're in need of enjoyable content for a long drive or long run, this is for you!

Mar 19, 2020

Jason and Anna discuss as much as they can without talking about COVID-19.

Topics include:
Savage Race new obstacles
Gladiator Rock N Run last race
Who is the OCR space?
The OCR Report getting serious
Tough Mudder 2020 Schedule
The Spartan Ultra Series
Okay, we'll talk about COVID-19

Mar 4, 2020

Anna and Jason cover 2020 new obstacles from Rugged Maniac, Toughest, and Battle OCR before getting into a bit of what can be expected at Battle OCR this year.